Do not save too much on new tires

It is soon time to switch to summer tires again and then it may also be time to buy new tires. Unfortunately, it is not very cheap to change tires, but it is something you simply have to do every now and then. Many people would like to save a little money on the new tires, but you must not be too skinny if you want good safety.

Saving money is one of the things we at Sutpen family like most. However, it is important not to worry too much about safety when trying to save some money. Tires are one thing that you should not skimp on too much because there is quite a big difference on different tires.

To think about new tires

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First and foremost, there is a difference between tires and tires, even though they are brand new. There are better tires and worse tires and it is important to not just go for price when choosing their new summer tires. There are quite a few cheaper brands from China, for example, but these often have poor performance and wet grip. It may be worth spending a little extra money on high performance tires.

Skip the year-round deck

Something that may sound interesting is the year-round tire, which is the tire that you drive all year and then do not have to change. However, these tires often perform very poorly in Sweden with such varying road conditions in winter and summer. Summer tires should be tough and have designs with large open surfaces that can withstand water leveling.


Do not buy for old tires

Do not buy for old tires

New tires may also be old. It is not good with tires that have been around for too long because it causes the rubber to age and this deteriorates performance. For example, you can often buy cheaper tires online, but you should try to check when the tires are manufactured, as it is common for sellers to buy spare parts that can be a little older. It is marked on the tire what year and week it is manufactured, so you can check before buying.

Check the tests before you buy

Check the tests before you buy

There are many tire tests you can check before deciding which tires to buy. It is a good idea to read some tests and see which tires performed best and weigh this into your decision. Unfortunately, good tires with high safety can cost almost SEK 10,000, but it can often be worth it.


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