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Clemson Research Aims to Help Farmers in HC Meet Demand for More Nutritious Pulses | Agriculture

Both feed peas and lentils are legumes. Legumes are called “poor man’s meat” because they are high in nutrients, like protein, but don’t cost as much as meat. Among the objectives of this project are the development of varieties of organic peas and lentils enriched in proteins and the setting up of educational activities on the farm by the cooperative extension service.

Organic webinar series

By using organic farming practices, farmers do not need to purchase expensive chemicals and fertilizers. Instead, they use agricultural practices, such as different methods of tillage and cover crops for weed control, and organic methods for pest control.

To help educate people on the benefits of growing organically, a series of free Going Organic webinars will be held. This series of seminars includes experts of national and international renown.

“I invite anyone interested in organic farming to log on to these webinars,” Thavarajah said. “Experts from the United States, Canada and India will cover a range of topics related to organic farming and nutritional breeding. “

The series is divided into two categories – breeding and nutrition, and agronomy and organic management. To register for each session, go to For updates and webinar information, visit

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