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eSIM latest scheme of cyber crooks!

Posted: Posted Date – 11:03 PM, Fri – Aug 5, 22

Representative image (source: IANSPhoto)

Hyderabad: A relatively new service for smartphone users, an eSIM or electronic SIM card, is becoming the latest ploy used by cyber fraudsters to cheat people with their money.

According to a recent tweet from Cyber ​​Dost, the Home Office’s cybersecurity awareness Twitter account, cyber crooks are now calling potential victims under the guise of signing up for e-SIM services. Claiming to help the victim with the registration process, they convince the person to part with their bank details and personal information, which is then used to steal their money.

In the tweet, Cyber ​​Dost warned citizens not to release any personal information to unidentified callers. It also asks those interested in switching to an e-SIM to visit the official website or an authorized outlet of the telecom service provider for e-SIM registration.

“Never give personal information to an unknown caller requesting E-SIM registration. For E-SIM registration, you can visit the verified website or authorized outlets of relevant telecom operators”, the tweet reads.

What scammers do is convince the victim, usually with tempting offers, to switch to an e-SIM. Once the victim agrees and shares the information including bank account details and other phone and service provider details, the crooks create an electronic profile on the victim’s phone. They then activate the e-SIM, without the knowledge of the victim, and carry out bank transfers since the obligatory OTP goes on the e-SIM.

Once an e-SIM is activated, text messages stop going to the old SIM, which saves time for scammers to complete the fraudulent transactions since the victim learns very late that their account has been hacked and that money was hacked. Fly.