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Expedia Group Fall Travel Outlook Shows Demand Remains Strong

In its recently released Fall Travel Outlook report, Expedia Group postulates that Americans now find themselves at a historic moment as we move from “when will the pandemic end?” “To” how do you learn to adapt? “

This spring and early summer saw vaccination rates rise and rates of COVID-19 cases falling across the country, states abandoned travel restrictions, and people began traveling to see their families. friends and family, or enjoy a long awaited vacation. More international destinations have also started welcoming Americans, as the epidemiologic profile of the United States eventually moved them out of the high-risk category.


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Then the Delta variant arrived and case rates across the country have since increased rapidly. Now, it’s hard to imagine a day when we’ll be completely out of the woods and people want to keep their newly found sense of freedom while still being safe. So as fall approaches, it’s clear that people are going to keep traveling, it’s just a matter of how they plan to do it.

Who wants to travel the most this fall?

The Expedia Group survey, conducted in conjunction with Morning Consult, found that the majority of its 2,200 respondents have already planned to travel this fall (58 percent). From a generational perspective, Gen Y (67%) is leading the charge, Gen Z (61%) is lagging behind, and Gen X (53%) and baby boomers (53%) are closing the gap. walk.

Distributed geographically, suburban dwellers (62%) are the most likely to travel this fall, followed by city dwellers (58%). The survey results reflected the fact that travel plans increase with income level and that 80% of people with six-figure salaries have already booked trips within the next three months.

Expedia Group Media Solutions’ second quarter travel recovery trend report found that monthly travel searches were up 70% over the summer, compared to the start of the year, and there has indications that this upward trend will continue through the fall.

Young couple examining a map while on vacation amid COVID-19.
Young couple examining a map while on vacation amid COVID-19. (photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus / Disobey Art)

Where are the travelers going?

The destination choices of American travelers reflect a desire for sun and outdoor attractions, although people are also opting for big cities over small towns, which could mean some people feel more at home. comfortable visiting populated areas with high vaccination rates. Based on hotel demand on,, Hotwire, Orbitz, and Travelocity, here are the top US destinations from September through November.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

2. Orlando, Florida

3. New York, New York State

4. Cancun, Mexico

5. Orange County, California

6. Chicago, Illinois

7. Los Angeles, California

8. Riviera Maya, Mexico

9. San Diego, California

10. Miami, Florida

Woman enjoying solo vacation in the Caribbean
Woman enjoying vacation in the Caribbean. (photo via NicoElNino / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Who are they traveling with?

The majority of respondents plan to travel with a loved one, but solo travel has increased in recent months. When asked about the reasons why they choose to go it alone, solo travelers answered that it was to change the scenery (47%), to discover themselves (34%) and to fully immerse themselves in their destination (27 %). It also appears that Millennials and Gen Z (72%) are more likely to opt for solo travel, compared to Gen X (59%) and Baby Boomers (47%).

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