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International demand for Russian vaccines on the rise, says Russian lawmaker – world

MOSCOW, May 24 / TASS /. Russian vaccines are in demand in many countries around the world and the number of interested countries is increasing, Russian State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin said after a meeting with the chairman of the Russian Federation. National Assembly of South Korea, Park Byeong-seug on Monday.

“More and more countries are opening up to Russian vaccines. Meanwhile, those who do not allow the use of vaccines from other countries and do not produce anything themselves are then forced to introduce a lockdown,” Volodin told reporters.

The Russian State Duma website reports that Park Byeong-seug has offered to expand cooperation between Russia and South Korea in the field of vaccine production and technology. For his part, Volodin praised South Korea’s approach to saving people’s lives, noting that Seoul is doing everything possible to establish the production of the Sputnik V vaccine. He added that during the meetings, the senior Lawmakers discussed the implementation of the interparliamentary format, so that as many countries as possible take part in the discussion on protecting human health and the fight against COVID-19.

“When it comes to the life and health of citizens, we need to find solutions based on caring for people, so that political competition or the desire to make money from people’s health becomes more important. second plan. This is unacceptable, “Volodin said.

“It was agreed that all questions raised [during the meeting] would be discussed in detail by a high-level interparliamentary committee, “the Russian State Duma website says. The speaker of the South Korean parliament has invited his Russian colleagues to visit South Korea in the fall of 2021 to hold the first session of the interparliamentary committee According to Volodin, the meeting’s agenda will include the creation of new technologies and the development of solutions to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joint production

Russia and South Korea are leading an active dialogue on the joint production of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, the Republic’s Ambassador to Moscow, Lee Sok-bae, said earlier. On April 20, the Yonhap News Agency reported that a subsidiary of GL Rapha Company would start production of Sputnik V in South Korea in May. Production will be export-oriented, the agency said, as the vaccine has yet to be registered in the country. On April 15, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) announced that it had signed a technology transfer agreement with the company.

So far, the Sputnik V vaccine has been registered in 66 states with a total population of over 3.2 billion people. The vaccine’s efficacy reached 97.6% based on the analysis of the rate of COVID-19 infection in Russians vaccinated with the two components of the vaccine from December 5, 2020 to March 31, 2021.

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