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KuCoin Expands Metaverse Reach by Launching Immersive Metaverse Desktop in Ertha | New

VICTORIA, Seychelles–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 21, 2022–

Global cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has announced an official partnership with Ertha, a metaverse with mass market appeal, to jointly launch an immersive metaverse desktop with an official opening on July 28, 2022, which is another step for KuCoin to expand its reach in Metaverse. As a pioneer in this industry, KuCoin already put its footprints in the Metaverse last year.

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KuCoin expands its reach in the metaverse by launching an immersive metaverse desktop in Ertha (Photo: Business Wire)

The cooperation marks an important milestone for both parties. For Ertha, this is the first successful integration of a real-world brand into their metaverse; For KuCoin, it is accelerating its progress to become the most metaverse-friendly crypto exchange.

With the partnership in place, players logging into the Ertha Early Beta will be greeted by a state-of-the-art, fully functional KuCoin desktop that helps players stop to browse live market charts and start trading in minutes. seconds!

Ertha’s beta is open to everyone and gave players a closer look at its game mechanics and role-playing systems. Along with exploring a large metropolitan area, Ertha recently launched the Character Creation Tool which has opened up a host of exciting options for players looking to craft a metaverse-ready identity.

About Ertha

The world of Ertha is a complex and intricately designed game space ripe for the creation of new governments, economies, and fragile alliances between its player base. The Metaverse is divided into 350,000 plots of land, each of which collects taxes, fees, and other forms of revenue from the transactions that take place there. Players must balance production, trade, and financial budgets, in order to stay ahead of the competition.

For those looking for an introduction to the Metaverses with the ability to play and earn, Ertha represents an unparalleled opportunity.

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About KuCoin

Launched in September 2017, KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange with its operational headquarters in Seychelles. As a user-oriented platform focused on inclusivity and reach for community action, it offers over 700 digital assets. Currently, it offers spot trading, margin trading, fiat P2P trading, futures trading, staking and lending to its 20 million users in 207 countries and regions.

In 2022, KuCoin raised over $150 million in investments in a pre-Series B round, bringing total investments to $170 million with the combined A round, for a total valuation of $10 billion. of dollars. KuCoin is one of the top 5 crypto exchanges, according to CoinMarketCap. In 2021, Forbes named KuCoin one of the best crypto exchanges. In 2022, The Ascent named KuCoin the best crypto app for enthusiasts.

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