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Mexican payment firm Prosa seeks buyer

In today’s top digital banking news, Mexican Prosa is looking for a buyer who will bring in over $ 1 billion, while United Bankshares has struck a merger deal with Community Bankers Trust . Additionally, the European Central Bank (ECB) says the advent of a digital version of the euro could strengthen the currency’s position.

United Bankshares acquires Community Bankers Trust

United Bankshares, the parent company of United Bank, has entered into a merger agreement with Community Bankers Trust, the parent company of Essex Bank. The combined organization will be worth around $ 29 billion under the deal. “This transaction strengthens our existing presence in the DC Metro MSA and takes us into new markets including Baltimore, Annapolis, Lynchburg, Richmond and the Northern Neck of Virginia,” said United Bank Chairman and CEO Richard M. Adams, as previously noted.

Mexico Payments Firm Prosa Shops for Buyer, seeks $ 1 billion

Mexican company Prosa is looking for a buyer who will earn it more than $ 1 billion, according to a published report. Prosa is owned by many banks, such as Grupo Financiero Banorte, in addition to the local branches of HSBC and Banco Santander. Sources said the sales process is attracting interest from many large payments and fintech companies. An investment bank is responsible for touring Prosa, according to a published report. The news comes as dLocal, which is based in Uruguay, announced that it had priced its initial public offering at $ 21 per share.

Euro position could improve with digital version, ECB says

The European Central Bank says in a new report that the advent of an electronic version of the euro could strengthen the currency’s global position by making it easier for individuals to save or pay, especially in “third countries” to consumers. volatile currencies. The ECB has yet to decide whether or not to launch a digital euro, according to a published report. But ECB President Christine Legrand told a point of sale in March that the introduction of a digital euro would take at least four years, assuming that to happen.



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