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New scams target Hawaiian electric customers

October 21, 2021, 2:37 PM HST

Hawaiian Electric warns of new schemes to defraud customers.

Hawaiian Electric will never threaten immediate disconnection. During the pandemic, overdue customers receive mailed payment reminders, courtesy calls, emails and other communications before a disconnection notice is sent.

In some recent cases, scammers have contacted real estate agents and threatened to immediately cut power to their listing if payment is not made. The crooks provided real estate agents with a fake Hawaiian Electric contact number to give to their client. A customer called and was told to pay over $ 800 or face disconnection. The customer spoke to an “agent” and an “accountant” and also received an email with a Hawaiian Electric logo and QR code to complete the payment.

When the customer said payment would be made on the Hawaiian Electric website, the scammer requested a wire transfer. This raised a red flag and the customer contacted Hawaiian Electric.

Hawaiian Electric does not ask for wire transfers, prepaid debit cards, gift cards, or bitcoin to pay bills. For a list of payment methods allowed by the company, go to hawaiianelectric.com/paymentoptions.


Customers should also be vigilant when opening emails from Hawaiian Electric. Although the company sends emails with payment reminders or company news, they will never ask for credit card numbers or other personal information.


In a recent scam attempt, a company received what looked like a legitimate email using the name of a real Hawaiian Electric employee.

The fake email alerted the customer that the company had changed their electronic banking information. However, the company contacted Hawaiian Electric to confirm and learned that it was a scam.

Customers who receive similar emails or suspect a scam should report it to customer service or file a fraud report online at hawaiianelectric.com/stopscams.

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