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Overview of InstaForex account types – Cent, Standard, Eurica

instaforex account types

InstaForex is one of the best brokers in the financial industry. The company offers clients a perfect environment for trading, decent conditions, platforms and trading accounts. The latter is particularly important for efficient trading. Brokers should offer various trading accounts as each one comes with different terms. Some accounts may be suitable for beginners, while others may be geared towards experienced traders.

For the most successful implementation of each trader’s trading strategy, InstaForex specialists have developed 3 types of accounts, which are designed to meet the needs of traders, based on their individual working preferences. The differences in the types of these trading accounts only relate to how to account for spreads and commissions, which the trader himself chooses when opening an account. Let’s take a closer look at these accounts.

Standard Account

Let’s start with the Standard Account which is the preferred option for traders not only on InstaForex, but also on the websites of other brokers. A standard account can be opened through the broker’s website. The main deposit currency for the standard account is EUR and USD. The minimum deposit required to open the account is only 1 USD and this will delight novice traders. There are no limits on the maximum deposit, however, novice traders are advised to limit themselves and not to spend too much money at the start.

The spreads on the standard account are in the range of 3 to 7 pips. This is a fairly normal amount. Having access to all trading instruments, the trader pays a fixed spread for each trade. There is no charge to maintain the account. You are exempt from any supplement. The minimum trade size starts from 0.01 lot, while the maximum trade has a limit of 10,000 lots. Leverage on a Standard account starts at 1: 1 and goes up to 1: 1000. Such high leverage is recommended for experienced traders and beginners are advised to refrain from trading with leverage of 1: 1000, in order to avoid potential losses. Leverage is a double-edged sword and requires experience.

Margin is the percentage of the volume of the entire deposit that is critical to maintaining opposite positions for a single pair. The margin for the locks on InstaForex is 25% and the margin call is 30%. The margin call is the level that, when reached, can be forcibly closed. The Stop Out level is 10% and the order execution is instantaneous.

Standard accounts are designed for all categories of traders and you can do business with a classic spread without commission. The main advantage of this type of account is its versatility since a trader can change their leverage at any time and work with the deposit size that suits them. The capabilities of the account allow you to trade in different formats.

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Eurica account

The working conditions on accounts of this type completely eliminate the need to pay the spread when opening a trade. For the vast majority of Forex instruments on Eurica accounts, zero spreads are applied, so the BID price is always equal to the ASK price. It should be noted that the offered price differs from the BID price (at which the graph is drawn in the platform) up to half of the standard spread of this trading instrument, rounded to a higher whole value, which is due to the characteristics techniques of the MetaTrader 4 platform.

This type of account is recommended for novice traders because when working with it, it is not necessary to take into account the spread in the case of using pending orders: in the absence of spreads, all orders pending are triggered exactly when the price reaches its values. Before placing orders and entering the market, it is not necessary to calculate the influence of the spread on the outcome of the position, which makes it possible to use technical analysis as efficiently as possible.

Despite the fact that Eurica accounts allow novice traders to quickly get used to the market, using an intuitive and more understandable system of transaction processing in their work, this type of account can also be actively used by professional traders, because in its trading characteristics, it is in no way inferior to Standard type accounts.

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Cent Accounts

Cent.Standard and Cent. Eurica is intended for novice traders and is aimed at clients who have just learned to trade and therefore need to access the minimum possible trading volume. Available on these accounts, Micro Forex with a lot size of 0.0001 market lot (a pip value of 0.1 US cents) allows you to learn with almost no risk for your deposit. In addition, this type of account is well suited for those who wish to try out their trading strategies with minimal risk, using the advantage of trades from 0.0001 lots.

In addition to the availability of the minimum allowable trade volume of 0.0001 market lot, the owners of Cent. Standard and Cent. Eurica trading accounts have the same trading conditions as Insta. Standard and Insta.Eurica. The only limitation is the maximum allowable deposit amount for the cent. Standard and Cent. Eurica Group accounts cent, due to their focus on novice traders. For more experienced traders, it is recommended to open Insta type accounts. Standard and Insta.Eurica, which has no restriction on the maximum deposit size with the maximum transaction size limit of 10,000 lots.

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The minimum volume of transactions

For Standard and Eurica accounts whose balance and / or funds exceed 100,000.00 USD, or their equivalent in another currency, it becomes possible to limit the minimum transaction size to the volume of 1 lot (~ 1 USD per point).

Which InstaForex account to choose?

InstaForex accounts come with different features and terms, but obviously there is no better one. If you are a newbie trader, you can go for penny accounts. Eurica accounts are also advantageous for novice traders and standard accounts are mainly intended for experienced people, who already have some experience in this area. Therefore, choosing a particular account should be treated thoroughly, as it determines the subsequent trading process on InstaForex.


What is the minimum deposit to open an account on InstaForex?

All types of accounts that you will see on the website have a minimum deposit of $ 1. This is a fairly small amount and every trader will successfully meet this requirement. The Cent Standard and Cent Eurica accounts, however, have limits on maximum deposits – both are $ 1,000 respectively.

What is the leverage offered on InstaForex?

The leverage on InstaForex is as low as 1: 1 and varies up to 1: 1000. If you start using 1: 1000 leverage, you should have decent trading experience and knowledge as high leverage comes with high risk and you could lose all your funds. In contrast, low leverage is beneficial for novice traders.

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