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(Published in the Brainerd Dispatch, June – Brainerd Dispatch

(Published in the Brainerd Dispatch, June 26, 2022, 1t.) School Board Meeting Minutes Monday, May 16, 2022 6:00 p.m. Central Media Center, 323 East 2nd Street South, Pillager, MN 56473 Board Members Sara Nagel, Becky Bennett, Randy Posner, Kassandra Nelson, Brian Grimsley and Steve Uban Present. Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance Mobile phones/Silent electronic devices. Motion to accept the agenda as presented. Made by Randy Posner and seconded by Brian Grimsley, adopted. Yes: 6. No: 0 No visitor comments Motion made by Brian Grimsley and seconded by Becky Bennett to review the Consent Agenda with the following items: A. Minutes of the Board Meeting of the 18 April B. Monthly Cash Flow including Investments C. Monthly Bills Paid – #86415 – #86604 And Electronic Transfers D. Monthly Bills Paid -Activity Accounts- #4255 – #4280 E. Donations- Lincoln Area Business Association- $1,000 for swimming lessons. Donations to our PBIS Incentive: Hengels – $200, Lakes Printing – $100, Atek Manufacturing – $100, JIBEC Heating and Cooling – $140, Mid State Auto Auction – $180, Baxter Insurance Group – $250, Shingle decker Construction – $250, Five Star Seamless – $100, Pine Country Plumbing – $300; Pillager Lions Club – $500 to Ed Swimming Lessons F Community. Staff Summary: Hirings: Nichole Bermann – High School Business Instructor – Effective 08/29/2022; Grant Stewart Girls Varsity Head Basketball Coach – Effective 09/01/2022; Jacob Box – Football Coach C Squad 22-23 School Year; Ben Horn – Assistant Football Coach – Squad – 22-23 School Year; Eric Fornshell- Football Coach C- Workforce- 22-23 School year; Chad Koel – Football Coach C – Squad – School Year 22-23. Resignations: Jessica Davoli – Assistant College Volleyball Coach; Lynne Bordwell – Middle school language arts teacher; Kayla Hutchison – HS Student Council; Ashley Ingman – Elementary social studies teacher. Leave request: Aubrey Kleinschmidt – Kindergarten technology and integration teacher at 4th motion Carried. Yes: 6, No: 0 The Facilities Committee met on May 4th. The Board provided an update on the meeting/discussion agenda. Introducing Wold on Athletic Complex. The price of the sports complex project was broken down by Wold’s representative. Motion to accept the bid for the sports complex. This motion, made by Brian Grimsley and seconded by Steve Uban, Carried. For: 6, Against: 0. Discussion on the estimate of the sports complex and the cost reductions. We discussed and chose to also do the other two existing streetlights with new lights to do them all at once as the cost will only increase in the future. Motion made to replace the other two existing lights while completing the new sports complex. This motion, made by Brian Grimsley and seconded by Kassandra Nelson, Carried. Yes: 6, No: 0 Curriculum Director of Teaching and Learning Ryan Krominga gave an update on MCA testing, summer school, math conference attendees, meeting of DLT team scheduled for Policy 24 First Reading of this Policy 614 Budget Update on the 2022-2023 Budget. Discussed the Family Center Lease Agreement. Bus transportation quote review and comparisons. Business Manager Missy Berry spoke about what she learned at the MASBO convention, ESSER funding, and community education funding. Personnel Review of bus quotes. 2022-2023 Budget Update. Update on the PBEC – ESSER pay contract. Staffing and Enrollment Update Another update on Jason Savage’s graduation. He also reported on the award for the STEPS program to the MASSP Association. Report of Superintendent Recognition for Mentorship Program 5/18. Athletics day on 05/20. Ann Hutchison and Lisa Pettit will have a retirement meeting on May 23. Update on other upcoming events on the calendar (Senior Diploma, K Diploma, etc.). Adjournment Motion made to adjourn at 7:00 p.m. by Brian Grimsley and seconded by Kassandra Nelson, Carried. Yes: 6, No: 0 Session adjourned